Stop Bitching, Start pitching.

Stop Bitching, Start pitching

No negativity in life or in business, in anything or everything, even in our grave loss man. There is always something for us to gain and learn even from our grave risks or huge loss. Gain does not necessarily mean to be restricted to the money. 
let's not complain.
let's tell the truth.
let's be honest,
I mean brutal honest.

Speak out if your business is down. Yep let's face it. It's terrible one would actually cope with the burden of loan, losing clients and prospects or losing capital, or having a pause in your momentum of growth. so let's act and change to find a way to fix it.

And if the business is doing well, that's awesome! somehow we are creating a positive impact as an individual in the group as well as in the national economy. lets repeat the activities and improve on it.

Because business don't fail or succeed, it's people who does. So no more negativity, no more blame game, no bitching and make sure you are focused only on PITCHING!!!!!!!.

Lets pitch our ideas, effort and creativity to the marketplace so well that our pitch becomes niche in local, national and international arena.

Stop Bitching, Start pitching

Mike Yonjan


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