I quit, because I love me.

What I am about to talk to you about is very small catch. But the negative impact it has on us is horrendous. I am talking about this little monster called smoking cigarette.
Here, I quit, because I love me. Pls don’t contradict with my narcissistic viewpoint yet. It’s simply real. I know I want to be great. I know I want my health to be right. I know I want to be spiritually felt inside. I know I want to be creative and energetic. I know I want to run successful business. I know I want happiness. I know I want to make my mom proud. I know I want to help people in need eventually.

But If I think and act like I don’t care. And I do something exactly opposite then I am hypocrite. No justification, no explanation I am just hypocrite and will always be. How can I do something against my own inner conscience? But we people do that every day.

Be with me hear me out, because this is very important. If I don’t quit smoking, I am hypocrite. I want every one of my friends, family every single one of you to know this. The only reason of this camp is to make myself accountable to do the right thing anyway. I quit, and I am not doing this to garner any public attention. In fact it looks like, that’s what’s going on here... I am doing this because friend of mine asked me to watch one you tuber who does video like I do. And when I saw the link he gave me. I was blown away. Not because of the video but about him quitting smoking which I have always wanted to do for such a long time. And there is no better time than NOW to do it. I quit, because I choose my health, better life and relationship and business.

And it’s not that minor thing. Pls don’t underestimate the infliction it’s been created within. And I am not talking about the cancer it’s going to bring about as a compound interest. I am talking about its negative impact. How smoking is going to make us loose our mind, sense of self control, and loads of other psychic torture that you and I don’t talk much about in public.

It is dismantling people, emotionally making people lose their confident. Physically making us weak and money...Money is not really the big deal here. But the time is and it’s the number one issue in wasting big block of time in company just with smoking break, breaking so many deals. I quit and I want you to do it too. That’s just the reason of this camp. Pardon me, I am imposing. Maybe because you want to do it too.

I know why we tell our self every evening before we go to bed and hope we are going to do it tomorrow. Or just for the last time and little by little you and I are losing our sense of value we hold on to.

Because, only quitting smoking can bring about drastic positive result in our life. Because we choose to be grateful to the life and want to improve on it. I know it has such an enormous long term impact on those who quit. Because of the spiral positive progressive attitude. I don’t have to explain you thousands of good things that will come as a result of quitting it. I know we want to, but if we don’t, we just don't...only because we can’t and Surya Nepal market cap will rise up steadily. Good news, huumn? 

Let’s join this campaign, if I am inspired by video of a guy quitting smoking. We all can do this. And there is no better way to be authentic about our action than being an accountable to our family, brothers and sisters and all humans in the world.

How to Join
1. Create a crazy short clip video by 24 hours saying “I quit Smoking" at mike.yonjan@gmail.com
2. I will create another video, stacking up all the videos that I get from you.
3. And I will upload them with or without your consent. Because the change is mandatory, if it’s positive and impacting disregard what you and I feel about it.
4. Winner will be rewarded naturally.

This Anti smoke camp is totally free and open. Any damaged you do to yourself in an attempt to help yourself or save yourself, We are not responsible for that, We as in me ‘Mike Yonjan’ don’t care whatsoever. Because quitting smoke is easy to decide and hard to commit.


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