Advertising sucks, so does the "not advertising".

Advertising sucks, so does the "not advertising".
then what is the right approach. How do we know it. looks like, keep finding the right approach is the only approach. and here we have a one, ie tested and tried..but confuses all kinds of marketer. And it is to sincerely advertising without really really advertising. This is when one can give up on idea that "my product is the best ever". Because that is really not true...even if it is a fact. All facts are fiction in the face of new facts. The fact is to admit that it is a made up one. No! Yes it is!

"My product is the best product" tells more about what you want...than what consumer will get. It is a subjective's like consumer selling to producer. that's just can't be real. How can a man starving for few days offers you a food, it creates a conflict in our fundamental nature if that happens. So it's not about how good your product is how worst their problem is...genuinely, Your product can never be good...if you can't understand how bad their need of solution is. They don't really need your best product...consumer only care for your product to the degree it can fix their issue, not what product is meant to believe it fixes.

People know that the majority of product they have bought in the past is to hide the problem. So their scale of involvement to buy your best product is zero...they have to feel the strong need.

Since the objective of advertising always seems to meet the marketing need, ie to meet the business need. Who cares consumer's need!...but time has that assist has more media exposure today than marketing that insist to consumer throats.

So what is the right approach?
Don't ever try to sell or advertise, instead do everything possible to understand consumers subjective complexities. Like why they buy, why they dont buy and other aspect of the way they think, feel and behave And build a story around that with tangible solution. That's your best product.

But still who gives a f*** if you fail to keep the main thing main. that is; it is not at all about your best product, it is their worst nightmare that you must fall in love to objectively forever.

And note that all of our marketing technique was a subjective understanding tools, be it a media, content or a market. But it loses its essence as it was overdone to the autopilot mode.

It's all about going back to the basic. Do you know why negativity spreads like a wildfire, because people dont think its negative when they are most alive in it. Think about it you will find 99% people agreeing on ‘why advertising is vicious cycle’. But they allow it into their mind...because it's more about them than about the advertiser or marketer.

In Nepal advertising practices has done more harm to respective company than good. Ie the misunderstanding that leads to miscommunication. Its death. And before we polish our tools to fix that, we have media, content and market disruption in global context. Meaning now consumer have so much to trade their time with, that your best product disappear in front of eyes. So start caring people’s deep shit without faking it.

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