Must do it is not a just another book on success. It's about defying, challenging and changing our monster insanity. "People often think that the business is not align with the human nature. Maybe there is some degree of truth with it, it may not be align with human nature, but it perfectly gel with the spiritual nature we all have. Business is rather an engagement, activities and decisions of human to human for some higher sense of living, giving, contribution and inspiration. Call it whatever, I don't mind calling it a meditation, this is how we learn to grow and know the degree of our spiritual and material gratitude with positivity and integrity. Must do it is who we are and the truth we stand for by doing what must be done."

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Sushant Bajracharya
Review of Must Do It, by Mike Yonjan In chap 3, you talked about ESPN and the definition of S really blew my mind of. First, I was like, what the hell he is writing about then after reading it, my mind was just blown. I like that way you wrote about it. In chap 3, you mentioned "Fuck Fear" (it completely rhymes with it). That is really awesome because, I was getting dull reading and when I encountered it, it grabbed my attention. Chap 1 and chap 2 was usual for me. It was plain simple, maybe because I have read 1 or 2 self help books and my mentor also reminds of these stuffs. For me, every chapters after chapter 2 proved to be valuable. On my journey to success, I get cocky and careless but after all "You Must Think Human".


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